Commit 7607d9dd authored by Shaun McCance's avatar Shaun McCance Committed by Daniel Veillard

Allow HTML serializer to output HTML5 DOCTYPE


Use simple HTML5 DOCTYPE for about:legacy-compat

HTML5 uses a DOCTYPE without a PUBLIC or SYSTEM identifier. It looks
like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>

I can't use XSLT to output this, because to get a DOCTYPE I have to
provide a PUBLIC or SYSTEM identifier. Luckily, the standards folks
recognized this and provided this semantically equivalent form for the

<!DOCTYPE html SYSTEM "about:legacy-compat">

But people don't like seeing the "legacy" identifier in their output.
They'd rather see the shiny new DOCTYPE. Since we know that
about:legacy-compat is defined by the W3C to be semantically equivalent
to the sans-SYSTEM DOCTYPE, we could just special-case it in the HTML
serializer in libxml2. So if you set the SYSTEM identifier to
"about:legacy-compat", you get an HTML5 short-form DOCTYPE.
parent 2fab235d
...@@ -668,7 +668,8 @@ htmlDtdDumpOutput(xmlOutputBufferPtr buf, xmlDocPtr doc, ...@@ -668,7 +668,8 @@ htmlDtdDumpOutput(xmlOutputBufferPtr buf, xmlDocPtr doc,
xmlOutputBufferWriteString(buf, " "); xmlOutputBufferWriteString(buf, " ");
xmlBufWriteQuotedString(buf->buffer, cur->SystemID); xmlBufWriteQuotedString(buf->buffer, cur->SystemID);
} }
} else if (cur->SystemID != NULL) { } else if (cur->SystemID != NULL &&
xmlStrcmp(cur->SystemID, BAD_CAST "about:legacy-compat")) {
xmlOutputBufferWriteString(buf, " SYSTEM "); xmlOutputBufferWriteString(buf, " SYSTEM ");
xmlBufWriteQuotedString(buf->buffer, cur->SystemID); xmlBufWriteQuotedString(buf->buffer, cur->SystemID);
} }
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