Commit 6ca24a39 authored by Daniel Veillard's avatar Daniel Veillard
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Namespace nodes can't be unlinked with xmlUnlinkNode

parent 89b6f73a
......@@ -3754,6 +3754,8 @@ xmlFreeNode(xmlNodePtr cur) {
* Unlink a node from it's current context, the node is not freed
* If one need to free the node, use xmlFreeNode() routine after the
* unlink to discard it.
* Note that namespace nodes can't be unlinked as they do not have
* pointer to their parent.
xmlUnlinkNode(xmlNodePtr cur) {
......@@ -3764,6 +3766,8 @@ xmlUnlinkNode(xmlNodePtr cur) {
if (cur->type == XML_NAMESPACE_DECL)
if (cur->type == XML_DTD_NODE) {
xmlDocPtr doc;
doc = cur->doc;
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