Commit 6b780f65 authored by Jan Pokorný's avatar Jan Pokorný Committed by Nick Wellnhofer
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xmlcatalog: restore ability to query system catalog easily

I've noticed that easy way of locating a DocBook XSLT in a configure
script of another project doesn't work anymore.  It is using something
like: xmlcatalog "" ${DOCBOOK_XSL_URI}/${DOCBOOK_XSL_PATH}.  The script
is then forced to a plain, suboptimal search using find utility.
Indeed, I retrospectively realize that the check was working just
by mere accident given that the window this presumably side-effect
was applicable had not lasted long, some 8 months between


introducing xmlInitializeCatalog in the LIBXML_TEST_VERSION-rooted
call chain, and


reverting that again.

So while one can state /etc/xml/catalog constant explicitly, in
some use cases (such as the mentioned one -- that's why I wanted
to omit stating the full path in the first place), this is rather
an implementation detail, perhaps subject to change from that POV.
Therefore I propose to restore that behaviour in the targeted
manner without global disruptions this time around.

As a side-effect, this fixes indenting of the affected part.
parent 5e986e3b
......@@ -312,7 +312,8 @@ static void usage(const char *name) {
/* split into 2 printf's to avoid overly long string (gcc warning) */
Usage : %s [options] catalogfile entities...\n\
\tParse the catalog file and query it for the entities\n\
\tParse the catalog file (void specification possibly expressed as \"\"\n\
\tappoints the default system one) and query it for the entities\n\
\t--sgml : handle SGML Super catalogs for --add and --del\n\
\t--shell : run a shell allowing interactive queries\n\
\t--create : create a new catalog\n\
......@@ -408,11 +409,18 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv) {
} else if (argv[i][0] == '-')
filename = argv[i];
if (filename == NULL && argv[i][0] == '\0') {
/* Interpret empty-string catalog specification as
a shortcut for a default system catalog. */
} else {
filename = argv[i];
ret = xmlLoadCatalog(argv[i]);
if ((ret < 0) && (create)) {
xmlCatalogAdd(BAD_CAST "catalog", BAD_CAST argv[i], NULL);
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