Commit 69030714 authored by David Drysdale's avatar David Drysdale Committed by Daniel Veillard
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CVE-2015-5312 Another entity expansion issue

It is one case where the code in place to detect entities expansions
failed to exit when the situation was detected, leading to DoS
Problem reported by Kostya Serebryany @ Google
Patch provided by David Drysdale @ Google
parent 6360a31a
......@@ -2806,6 +2806,10 @@ xmlStringLenDecodeEntities(xmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt, const xmlChar *str, int len,
0, 0, 0);
if ((ctxt->lastError.code == XML_ERR_ENTITY_LOOP) ||
(ctxt->lastError.code == XML_ERR_INTERNAL_ERROR))
goto int_error;
if (rep != NULL) {
current = rep;
while (*current != 0) { /* non input consuming loop */
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