Commit 5c0e48b8 authored by Jan Pokorný's avatar Jan Pokorný Committed by Nick Wellnhofer

Fix typo: xpath: simpli{ -> fi}ed

Signed-off-by: default avatarJan Pokorný <>
parent 0571b4e6
......@@ -14019,7 +14019,7 @@ xmlXPathTryStreamCompile(xmlXPathContextPtr ctxt, const xmlChar *str) {
* We don't try to handle expressions using the verbose axis
* specifiers ("::"), just the simplied form at this point.
* specifiers ("::"), just the simplified form at this point.
* Additionally, if there is no list of namespaces available and
* there's a ":" in the expression, indicating a prefixed QName,
* then we won't try to compile either. xmlPatterncompile() needs
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