Commit 5a02583c authored by Zhipeng Xie's avatar Zhipeng Xie Committed by Nick Wellnhofer

Fix memory leak in xmlParseBalancedChunkMemoryRecover

When doc is NULL, namespace created in xmlTreeEnsureXMLDecl
is bind to newDoc->oldNs, in this case, set newDoc->oldNs to
NULL and free newDoc will cause a memory leak.

Found with libFuzzer.

Closes #82.
parent 09b6f818
......@@ -13894,7 +13894,8 @@ xmlParseBalancedChunkMemoryRecover(xmlDocPtr doc, xmlSAXHandlerPtr sax,
newDoc->intSubset = NULL;
newDoc->extSubset = NULL;
newDoc->oldNs = NULL;
if(doc != NULL)
newDoc->oldNs = NULL;
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