Commit 59028ba0 authored by zhouzhongyuan's avatar zhouzhongyuan Committed by Nick Wellnhofer

Fix possible null dereference in xmlXPathIdFunction

If a certain memory allocation fails, xmlXPathIdFunction would
dereference a null pointer.

Closes #77.
parent b17e3d1c
......@@ -8626,6 +8626,7 @@ xmlXPathIdFunction(xmlXPathParserContextPtr ctxt, int nargs) {
obj = xmlXPathCacheConvertString(ctxt->context, obj);
if (obj == NULL) return;
ret = xmlXPathGetElementsByIds(ctxt->context->doc, obj->stringval);
valuePush(ctxt, xmlXPathCacheWrapNodeSet(ctxt->context, ret));
xmlXPathReleaseObject(ctxt->context, obj);
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