Commit 50f06b3e authored by Nick Wellnhofer's avatar Nick Wellnhofer
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Fix out-of-bounds read with 'xmllint --htmlout'

Make sure that truncated UTF-8 sequences don't cause an out-of-bounds
array access.

Thanks to @SuhwanSong and the Agency for Defense Development (ADD) for
the report.

Fixes #178.
parent 1abf2967
...@@ -528,6 +528,12 @@ static void ...@@ -528,6 +528,12 @@ static void
xmlHTMLEncodeSend(void) { xmlHTMLEncodeSend(void) {
char *result; char *result;
* xmlEncodeEntitiesReentrant assumes valid UTF-8, but the buffer might
* end with a truncated UTF-8 sequence. This is a hack to at least avoid
* an out-of-bounds read.
memset(&buffer[sizeof(buffer)-4], 0, 4);
result = (char *) xmlEncodeEntitiesReentrant(NULL, BAD_CAST buffer); result = (char *) xmlEncodeEntitiesReentrant(NULL, BAD_CAST buffer);
if (result) { if (result) {
xmlGenericError(xmlGenericErrorContext, "%s", result); xmlGenericError(xmlGenericErrorContext, "%s", result);
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