Commit 4629ee02 authored by Daniel Veillard's avatar Daniel Veillard
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Do not fetch external parsed entities

Unless explicietely asked for when validating or replacing entities
with their value. Problem pointed out by Tom Lane <>

* parser.c: do not load external parsed entities unless needed
* test/errors/extparsedent.xml result/errors/extparsedent.xml*:
  add a regression test to avoid change of the behaviour in the future
parent baaf03f8
......@@ -6927,8 +6927,15 @@ xmlParseReference(xmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt) {
* The first reference to the entity trigger a parsing phase
* where the ent->children is filled with the result from
* the parsing.
if (ent->checked == 0) {
* Note: external parsed entities will not be loaded, it is not
* required for a non-validating parser, unless the parsing option
* of validating, or substituting entities were given. Doing so is
* far more secure as the parser will only process data coming from
* the document entity by default.
if ((ent->checked == 0) &&
(ctxt->options & (XML_PARSE_NOENT | XML_PARSE_DTDVALID)))) {
unsigned long oldnbent = ctxt->nbentities;
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE foo [
<!ENTITY c PUBLIC "bar" "/etc/doesnotexist">
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE foo [
<!ENTITY c PUBLIC "bar" "/etc/doesnotexist">
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