Commit 2a8c4c47 authored by Daniel Veillard's avatar Daniel Veillard

Removed section on HP-UX from 2000, Daniel

parent 54eb0243
......@@ -48,15 +48,7 @@ Compilation
3.libxml does not compile with HP-UX's optional ANSI-C compiler
this is due to macro limitations. Try to add " -Wp,-H16800 -Ae"
to the CFLAGS
you can also install and use gcc instead or use a precompiled version
of libxml, both available from the HP-UX Porting and Archive Centre
4.make tests fails on some platforms
3.make tests may fail on some platforms
Sometime the regression tests results don't completely match the
value produced by the parser, and the makefile uses diff to print
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