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- xml-config.1: received a fixed version from Fredrik Hallenberg

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Fri Oct 27 13:45:28 CEST 2000 Daniel Veillard <>
* xml-config.1: received a fixed version from Fredrik Hallenberg
Thu Oct 26 16:05:25 CEST 2000 Daniel Veillard <>
* xpath.c textXPath.c xpathInternals.h: applied TOM <>
......@@ -8,3 +8,24 @@ xml-config - script to get information about the installed version of GNOME-XML
\fIxml-config\fP is a tool that is used to determine the compile and
linker flags that should be used to compile and link programs that use
\fIxml-config\fP accepts the following options:
.TP 8
.B \-\-version
Print the currently installed version of \fIGNOME-XML\fP on the standard output.
.TP 8
.B \-\-libs
Print the linker flags that are necessary to link a \fIGNOME-XML\fP program.
.TP 8
.B \-\-cflags
Print the compiler flags that are necessary to compile a \fIGNOME-XML\fP program.
.TP 8
.B \-\-prefix=PREFIX
If specified, use PREFIX instead of the installation prefix that
\fIGNOME-XML\fP was built with when computing the output for the
\-\-cflags and \-\-libs options. This option must be specified before
any \-\-libs or \-\-cflags options.
This manual page was written by Fredrik Hallenberg <>,
for the Debian GNU/linux system (but may be used by others).
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