Commit 132af1a0 authored by Nick Wellnhofer's avatar Nick Wellnhofer
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Fix buffer over-read in xmlParseNCNameComplex

Calling GROW can halt the parser if the buffer grows too large. This
will set the buffer to an empty string. Return immediately in this case,
otherwise the "current" pointer is advanced leading to a buffer over-read.

Found with OSS-Fuzz. See
parent ad88b54f
......@@ -3370,9 +3370,9 @@ xmlParseNCNameComplex(xmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt) {
ctxt->input->cur -= l;
ctxt->input->cur += l;
if (ctxt->instate == XML_PARSER_EOF)
ctxt->input->cur += l;
c = CUR_CHAR(l);
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