Commit 0f3b843b authored by Nick Wellnhofer's avatar Nick Wellnhofer
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Fix XPath stack frame logic

Move the calls to xmlXPathSetFrame and xmlXPathPopFrame around in
xmlXPathCompOpEvalPositionalPredicate to make sure that the context
object on the stack is actually protected. Otherwise, memory corruption
can occur when calling sloppily coded XPath extension functions.

Fixes bug 783160.
parent 3157cf4e
......@@ -11932,11 +11932,11 @@ xmlXPathCompOpEvalPositionalPredicate(xmlXPathParserContextPtr ctxt,
frame = xmlXPathSetFrame(ctxt);
valuePush(ctxt, contextObj);
frame = xmlXPathSetFrame(ctxt);
res = xmlXPathCompOpEvalToBoolean(ctxt, exprOp, 1);
tmp = valuePop(ctxt);
xmlXPathPopFrame(ctxt, frame);
tmp = valuePop(ctxt);
if ((ctxt->error != XPATH_EXPRESSION_OK) || (res == -1)) {
while (tmp != contextObj) {
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