Commit 09f51ecb authored by Nick Wellnhofer's avatar Nick Wellnhofer
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Add Makefile rules to rebuild HTML man pages

This should make sure that the online version of the man pages for
xmllint and xmlcatalog stay up to date. Also rebuild both HTML
parent ca01f813
......@@ -243,7 +243,7 @@ docs: web $(top_builddir)/NEWS libxml2.xsa $(man_MANS)
api: libxml2-api.xml libxml2-refs.xml $(APIPAGES) $(srcdir)/html/index.html $(WIN32_DIR)/libxml2.def.src ../elfgcchack.h $(srcdir)/site.xsl
web: $(PAGES)
web: $(PAGES) xmllint.html xmlcatalog_man.html
../elfgcchack.h: $(srcdir)/elfgcchack.xsl $(srcdir)/libxml2-api.xml
-@(if [ -x $(XSLTPROC) ] ; then \
......@@ -314,9 +314,15 @@ libxml2-api.xml libxml2-refs.xml ../libxml2.syms: symbols.xml syms.x
xmllint.1: xmllint.xml
-@($(XSLTPROC) --nonet xmllint.xml)
xmllint.html: xmllint.xml
-@($(XSLTPROC) --nonet -o $@ xmllint.xml)
xmlcatalog.1: xmlcatalog_man.xml
-@($(XSLTPROC) --nonet xmlcatalog_man.xml)
xmlcatalog_man.html: xmlcatalog_man.xml
-@($(XSLTPROC) --nonet -o $@ xmlcatalog_man.xml)
for f in $(EXTRA_DIST_wc) ; do echo $$f; done | sort -u >tmp.EXTRA_DIST_wc
for f in $(EXTRA_DIST) ; do echo $$f; done | sort >tmp.EXTRA_DIST
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This diff is collapsed.
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