Commit 03c67230 authored by Nick Wellnhofer's avatar Nick Wellnhofer
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Handling of XPath function arguments in error case

The XPath engine tries to guarantee that every XPath function can pop
'nargs' non-NULL values off the stack. libxslt, for example, relies on
this assumption. But the check isn't thorough enough if there are errors
during the evaluation of arguments. This can lead to segfaults:

This commit makes the handling of function arguments more robust.

* Bail out early when evaluation of XPath function arguments fails.
* Make sure that there are 'nargs' arguments in the current call frame.
parent 4d041a2e
......@@ -13524,10 +13524,15 @@ xmlXPathCompOpEval(xmlXPathParserContextPtr ctxt, xmlXPathStepOpPtr op)
int frame;
frame = xmlXPathSetFrame(ctxt);
if (op->ch1 != -1)
if (op->ch1 != -1) {
total +=
xmlXPathCompOpEval(ctxt, &comp->steps[op->ch1]);
if (ctxt->valueNr < op->value) {
if (ctxt->error != XPATH_EXPRESSION_OK) {
xmlXPathPopFrame(ctxt, frame);
return (total);
if (ctxt->valueNr < ctxt->valueFrame + op->value) {
"xmlXPathCompOpEval: parameter error\n");
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