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    Doc: do not mislead towards "infeasible" scenario wrt. xmlBufNodeDump · 81958b6e
    Jan Pokorný authored
    At least when merely public API is to be leveraged, one cannot use
    xmlBufCreate function that would otherwise be a clear fit, and relying
    on some invariants wrt. how some other struct fields will get
    initialized along the construction/filling such parent struct and
    (ab)using that instead does not appear clever, either.
    Hence, instruct people what's the Right Thing for the moment, that is,
    make them use xmlNodeDumpOutput instead (together with likewise public
    Going forward, it's questionable what do with xmlBuf* family of
    functions that are once public, since they, for any practical purpose,
    cannot be used by the library clients (that's how I've run into this).
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJan Pokorný <jpokorny@redhat.com>
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