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    Applied patch from Rob Richards, fixing a potential memory leak in · 6ed2eb47
    Kasimier T. Buchcik authored
    * xpath.c: Applied patch from Rob Richards, fixing a potential
      memory leak in xmlXPathTryStreamCompile(), when a list of
      namespaces was assigned to the XPath compilation context;
      here a new namespace list was created and passed to
      xmlPatterncompile(); but this list was not freed afterwards.
      Additionally we avoid now in xmlXPathTryStreamCompile() to
      compile the expression, if it has a colon - indicating
      prefixed name tests - and no namespace list was given. The
      streaming XPath mechanism needs a namespace list at
      compilation time (unlike normal XPath, where we can bind
      namespace names to prefixes at execution time).
    * pattern.c: Enhanced to use a string dict for local-names,
      ns-prefixes and and namespace-names.
      Fixed xmlStreamPushInternal() not to use string-pointer
      comparison if a dict is available; this won't work, since
      one does not know it the given strings originate from the
      same dict - and they normally don't do, since e.g.
      namespaces are hold on xmlNs->href. I think this would be
      worth an investigation: if we can add a @doc field to xmlNs
      and put the @href in to a additionan namespace dict hold
      in xmlDoc. Daniel will surely not like this idea :-) But
      evaluation of tons of elements/attributes in namespaces
      with xmlStrEqual() isn't the way we should go forever.
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