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    Okay time to improve performances, gprof session: · 48b2f896
    Daniel Veillard authored
    before  real 0m2.483s (2.3.2 release yesterday)
    current real 0m1.763s
    when parsing (with tree build/freeing) db10000.xml from XSLTMark:
    - xmlmemory.h HTMLparser.c HTMLtree.c entities.c parser.c
      xpath.c xpointer.c tree.c uri.c valid.c xinclude.c xmlIO.c:
      avoiding memcpy in production builds MEM_CLEANUP macro use
    - parser.[ch] parserInternals.c: optimizations of the tightest
      internal loops inside the parser. Better checking of I/O
      flushing/loading conditions
    - xmllint.c : added --timing