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    Re-examined the problems of configuring a "minimal" library. · 21e4ef20
    William M. Brack authored
    Synchronized the header files with the library code in order
    to assure that all the various conditionals (LIBXML_xxxx_ENABLED)
    were the same in both.  Modified the API database content to more
    accurately reflect the conditionals.  Enhanced the generation
    of that database.  Although there was no substantial change to
    any of the library code's logic, a large number of files were
    modified to achieve the above, and the configuration script
    was enhanced to do some automatic enabling of features (e.g.
    --with-xinclude forces --with-xpath).  Additionally, all the format
    errors discovered by apibuild.py were corrected.
    * configure.in: enhanced cross-checking of options
    * doc/apibuild.py, doc/elfgcchack.xsl, doc/libxml2-refs.xml,
      doc/libxml2-api.xml, gentest.py: changed the usage of the
      <cond> element in module descriptions
    * elfgcchack.h, testapi.c: regenerated with proper conditionals
    * HTMLparser.c, SAX.c, globals.c, tree.c, xmlschemas.c, xpath.c,
      testSAX.c: cleaned up conditionals
    * include/libxml/[SAX.h, SAX2.h, debugXML.h, encoding.h, entities.h,
      hash.h, parser.h, parserInternals.h, schemasInternals.h, tree.h,
      valid.h, xlink.h, xmlIO.h, xmlautomata.h, xmlreader.h, xpath.h]:
      synchronized the conditionals with the corresponding module code
    * doc/examples/tree2.c, doc/examples/xpath1.c, doc/examples/xpath2.c:
      added additional conditions required for compilation
    * doc/*.html, doc/html/*.html: rebuilt the docs
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