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    Bunch of fixes, finishing moving datastructures to the hash stuff: · 126f2799
    Daniel Veillard authored
    - hash.[ch] debugXML.c: expanded/enhanced the API, added
      multikey tuples, made hash structure opaque
    - valid.[ch]: moved elements, attributes, notations decalarations
      as well as ID and refs to hash tables.
    - entities.c: hash cleanup
    - xmlmemory.c: fixed a dump problem in debug mode
    - include/Makefile.am: problem passing in DESTDIR= values patch
      from Marc Christensen <marc@calderasystems.com>
    - nanohttp.c: removed debugging remains
    - HTMLparser.c: the bogus tag should be ignored (Wayne)
    - HTMLparser.c parser.c: fixing a number of problems with the
      macros in the *parser.c files (Wayne).
    - HTMLparser.c: close the previous option when opening a new one
      (Marc Sanfacon).
    - result/HTML/*: updated the HTML results accordingly
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