Commit e9d1f377 authored by Marco Trevisan's avatar Marco Trevisan 🎺

meson, libwnck: reuse dependency to generate progs

No need to redefine same includes or args since we've a dep.
And make it only dependent on header sources (so that we can generate them)
parent b06f528c
......@@ -91,6 +91,7 @@ libwnck_dep = declare_dependency(
include_directories: default_includes,
dependencies: LIBWNCK_DEPS,
compile_args: libwnck_cflags,
sources: headers + [enum_types[1]],
link_args: libwnck_ldflags,
......@@ -136,10 +137,9 @@ test_progs = [
foreach prog: progs + test_progs
executable(prog, [prog + '.c'] + enum_types,
executable(prog, [prog + '.c'],
include_directories: default_includes,
dependencies: LIBWNCK_DEPS,
c_args: libwnck_cflags,
dependencies: libwnck_dep,
link_with: libwnck_lib,
install: progs.contains(prog) and get_option('install-tools'),
install_dir: bindir)
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