Commit 4bb95ada authored by Normen Bolling's avatar Normen Bolling Committed by Normen Bolling

Added a comment describing why it is necessary to handle

the header "Transfer-Encoding: identity" although it is
invalid regarding RFC 7230.

Issue #148
parent a1148a04
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......@@ -664,6 +664,12 @@ static void
transfer_encoding_setter (SoupMessageHeaders *hdrs, const char *value)
if (value) {
/* "identity" is a wrong value according to RFC errata 408,
* and RFC 7230 does not list it as valid transfer-coding.
* Nevertheless, the obsolete RFC 2616 stated "identity"
* as valid, so we can't handle it as unrecognized here
* for compatibility reasons.
if (g_ascii_strcasecmp (value, "chunked") == 0)
hdrs->encoding = SOUP_ENCODING_CHUNKED;
else if (g_ascii_strcasecmp (value, "identity") != 0)
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