1. 11 Jun, 2021 2 commits
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      Wait until IO finished before re-starting a request · 89076679
      Carlos Garcia Campos authored
      In case of restarting it can happen that the new request is started
      before the previous one is fully completed. This is because restart
      is scheduled on SoupMessage::got-body that happens right before the
      stream is closed and the IO finished. In HTTP/1.x this is possible if a
      new request is made in got-body callback, for example. In HTTP/2 is
      easier to reproduce because we emit SoupMessage::got-body right after
      SoupClientInputStream::eof. This patch adds an intermediate state
      SOUP_MESSAGE_REQUEUED set by soup_session_requeue_item(). The transition
      to SOUP_MESSAGE_RESTARTING happens when the message IO completes to
      ensure the restarted request starts when message no longer has an active IO.
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  8. 31 May, 2021 2 commits
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      Move soup-message-io-source.c|h to http1 · 4a65b629
      Carlos Garcia Campos authored
      It's http1 only now
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      io-http2: simplify async io handling · 3357288c
      Carlos Garcia Campos authored
      Use a global polling source for reading and process any pending io
      operation after every successful read. Every time we submit data to the
      session we try to write, using a single global polling source in case
      the operation would block until everything is written. This simplifies
      the io handling and avoids the creation and destruction of a lot of
      polling sources.
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