Commit d6468972 authored by Patrick Griffis's avatar Patrick Griffis


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......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ static int soup_gss_client_step (SoupNegotiateConnectionState *conn,
const char *host, char **error_message);
static GSList *trusted_uris;
static GSList *blacklisted_uris;
static GSList *blocklisted_uris;
static void parse_uris_from_env_variable (const gchar *env_variable, GSList **list);
......@@ -333,7 +333,7 @@ soup_auth_negotiate_class_init (SoupAuthNegotiateClass *auth_negotiate_class)
auth_class->can_authenticate = soup_auth_negotiate_can_authenticate;
parse_uris_from_env_variable ("SOUP_GSSAPI_TRUSTED_URIS", &trusted_uris);
parse_uris_from_env_variable ("SOUP_GSSAPI_BLACKLISTED_URIS", &blacklisted_uris);
parse_uris_from_env_variable ("SOUP_GSSAPI_BLOCKLISTED_URIS", &blocklisted_uris);
......@@ -455,9 +455,9 @@ check_auth_trusted_uri (SoupConnectionAuth *auth, SoupMessage *msg)
msg_uri = soup_message_get_uri (msg);
/* First check if the URI is not on blacklist */
if (blacklisted_uris &&
g_slist_find_custom (blacklisted_uris, msg_uri, (GCompareFunc) match_base_uri))
/* First check if the URI is not on blocklist */
if (blocklisted_uris &&
g_slist_find_custom (blocklisted_uris, msg_uri, (GCompareFunc) match_base_uri))
return FALSE;
/* If no trusted URIs are set, we allow all HTTPS URIs */
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