Commit bdefdf01 authored by Carlos Garcia Campos's avatar Carlos Garcia Campos
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io-http2: show more debug information in case of goaway frame

parent dd23cc17
......@@ -390,6 +390,10 @@ on_frame_recv_callback (nghttp2_session *session,
h2_debug (io, data, "[RECV] [%s] Recieved (%u)", frame_type_to_string (frame->hd.type), frame->hd.flags);
if (frame->hd.type == NGHTTP2_GOAWAY) {
h2_debug (io, data, "[RECV] GOAWAY: error=%s, last_stream_id=%u %s",
nghttp2_http2_strerror (frame->goaway.error_code),
frame->goaway.opaque_data ? (char *)frame->goaway.opaque_data : "");
handle_goaway (io, frame->goaway.error_code, frame->goaway.last_stream_id);
io->is_shutdown = TRUE;
return 0;
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