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io-http2: do not call get_io_data() in on_data_source_read_callback

We have a SoupHTTP2MessageData already, so we can get the io from it.
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......@@ -629,7 +629,6 @@ on_data_source_read_callback (nghttp2_session *session,
void *user_data)
SoupHTTP2MessageData *data = nghttp2_session_get_stream_user_data (session, stream_id);
SoupClientMessageIOHTTP2 *io = get_io_data (data->msg);
/* We support pollable streams in the best case because they
* should perform better with one fewer copy of each buffer and no threading. */
......@@ -640,7 +639,7 @@ on_data_source_read_callback (nghttp2_session *session,
gssize read = g_pollable_input_stream_read_nonblocking (in_stream, buf, length, data->cancellable, &error);
if (read) {
h2_debug (io, data, "[SEND_BODY] Read %zd", read);
h2_debug (data->io, data, "[SEND_BODY] Read %zd", read);
log_request_data (data, buf, read);
......@@ -648,7 +647,7 @@ on_data_source_read_callback (nghttp2_session *session,
if (g_error_matches (error, G_IO_ERROR, G_IO_ERROR_WOULD_BLOCK)) {
g_assert (data->data_source_poll == NULL);
h2_debug (io, data, "[SEND_BODY] Polling");
h2_debug (data->io, data, "[SEND_BODY] Polling");
data->data_source_poll = g_pollable_input_stream_create_source (in_stream, data->cancellable);
g_source_set_callback (data->data_source_poll, (GSourceFunc)on_data_readable, data, NULL);
g_source_set_priority (data->data_source_poll, get_data_io_priority (data));
......@@ -664,7 +663,7 @@ on_data_source_read_callback (nghttp2_session *session,
else if (read == 0) {
h2_debug (io, data, "[SEND_BODY] EOF");
h2_debug (data->io, data, "[SEND_BODY] EOF");
*data_flags |= NGHTTP2_DATA_FLAG_EOF;
......@@ -681,21 +680,21 @@ on_data_source_read_callback (nghttp2_session *session,
guint buffer_len = data->data_source_buffer->len;
if (buffer_len) {
h2_debug (io, data, "[SEND_BODY] Sending %zu", buffer_len);
h2_debug (data->io, data, "[SEND_BODY] Sending %zu", buffer_len);
g_assert (buffer_len <= length); /* QUESTION: Maybe not reliable */
memcpy (buf, data->data_source_buffer->data, buffer_len);
log_request_data (data, buf, buffer_len);
g_byte_array_set_size (data->data_source_buffer, 0);
return buffer_len;
} else if (data->data_source_eof) {
h2_debug (io, data, "[SEND_BODY] EOF");
h2_debug (data->io, data, "[SEND_BODY] EOF");
*data_flags |= NGHTTP2_DATA_FLAG_EOF;
return 0;
} else if (data->data_source_error) {
set_error_for_data (data, g_steal_pointer (&data->data_source_error));
} else {
h2_debug (io, data, "[SEND_BODY] Reading async");
h2_debug (data->io, data, "[SEND_BODY] Reading async");
g_byte_array_set_size (data->data_source_buffer, length);
g_assert (!data->data_source_cancellable);
data->data_source_cancellable = g_cancellable_new ();
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