Commit 8251fbee authored by Carlos Garcia Campos's avatar Carlos Garcia Campos
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io-http2: do not heap allocate nghttp2_data_provider

parent 14ccc71c
......@@ -912,14 +912,13 @@ send_message_request (SoupMessage *msg,
if (logger && body_stream)
data->logger = SOUP_LOGGER (logger);
nghttp2_data_provider *data_provider = NULL;
nghttp2_data_provider data_provider;
if (body_stream) {
data_provider = g_new (nghttp2_data_provider, 1);
data_provider->source.ptr = body_stream;
data_provider->read_callback = on_data_source_read_callback;
data_provider.source.ptr = body_stream;
data_provider.read_callback = on_data_source_read_callback;
data->stream_id = nghttp2_submit_request (io->session, NULL, (const nghttp2_nv *)headers->data, headers->len, data_provider, data);
data->stream_id = nghttp2_submit_request (io->session, NULL, (const nghttp2_nv *)headers->data, headers->len, body_stream ? &data_provider : NULL, data);
h2_debug (io, data, "[SESSION] Request made for %s%s", authority_header, path_and_query);
......@@ -927,7 +926,6 @@ send_message_request (SoupMessage *msg,
g_free (authority);
g_free (host);
g_free (path_and_query);
g_free (data_provider);
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