Commit 3253fd38 authored by Isaac Jurado's avatar Isaac Jurado Committed by David Woodhouse
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Fix string typo

Found by lintian.
parent f0c0f1a6
......@@ -698,11 +698,11 @@ process_contents (SoupWebsocketConnection *self,
if (!fin && opcode) {
/* Initial fragment of a message */
if (pv->message_data) {
g_debug ("received out of order inital message fragment");
g_debug ("received out of order initial message fragment");
protocol_error_and_close (self);
g_debug ("received inital fragment frame %d with %d payload", (int)opcode, (int)payload_len);
g_debug ("received initial fragment frame %d with %d payload", (int)opcode, (int)payload_len);
} else if (!fin && !opcode) {
/* Middle fragment of a message */
if (!pv->message_data) {
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