Commit 16ddc7fa authored by Carlos Garcia Campos's avatar Carlos Garcia Campos
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http2-test: check the connection is idle when not messages reference it

parent 54482758
......@@ -448,7 +448,11 @@ do_connections_test (Test *test, gconstpointer data)
g_main_context_iteration (async_context, TRUE);
// After no messages reference the connection we should still be able to re-use the same connection
while (g_main_context_pending (async_context))
g_main_context_iteration (async_context, FALSE);
/* After no messages reference the connection it should be IDLE and reusable */
g_assert_cmpuint (soup_connection_get_state (last_connection), ==, SOUP_CONNECTION_IDLE);
SoupMessage *msg = soup_message_new ("GET", "");
soup_session_send_async (test->session, msg, G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT, NULL, on_send_ready, &complete_count);
g_object_unref (msg);
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