Commit 03c60063 authored by Italo Guerrieri's avatar Italo Guerrieri Committed by Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
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Fix invalid UTF8 close payload

Close the connection with a protocol error if the close payload
is an invalid utf8.
Fix Autobahn test case 7.5.1.
parent 5dec678b
......@@ -611,10 +611,14 @@ receive_close (SoupWebsocketConnection *self,
if (len > 2) {
data += 2;
len -= 2;
if (g_utf8_validate ((char *)data, len, NULL))
pv->peer_close_data = g_strndup ((char *)data, len);
if (!g_utf8_validate ((char *)data, len, NULL)) {
g_debug ("received non-UTF8 close data: %d '%.*s' %d", (int)len, (int)len, (char *)data, (int)data[0]);
protocol_error_and_close (self);
pv->peer_close_data = g_strndup ((char *)data, len);
/* Once we receive close response on server, close immediately */
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