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Update coding style and add clang-format config

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BasedOnStyle: WebKit
IndentWidth: 8
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......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ CODE STYLE
Please use the style used by the rest of the code. Among other things,
this means:
* Tabs, not spaces, for indentation
* 8 spaces for indentation. Note that tabs are still found in the codebase.
* Put spaces:
* around binary operators
......@@ -33,34 +33,24 @@ this means:
* C89, not C99. (In particular, don't declare variables in the
middle of blocks.)
* Do not use gint, gchar, glong, and gshort. (Other g-types, such
as gpointer and the unsigned types are fine.)
* There is a clang-format config file that can be used on new code.
Avoid reformatting entire files.
* libsoup builds with lots of -W options by default, and should
not print any warnings while compiling (unless they're caused by
#included files from other projects, eg, proxy.h). You can use
"make > /dev/null" to do a full compile showing only the
warnings/errors, to make sure your patch does not introduce any
not print any warnings while compiling.
* There are a number of regression tests in the tests/ directory.
Running "make check" will run all of them (or at least, all of
Running "ninja test" will run all of them (or at least, all of
the ones that it can run based on what software you have
installed. Eg, some tests require apache to be installed.) You
should run "make check" before submitting a patch that could
potentially change libsoup's behavior. ("make check" will warn
you if it was not able to run all of the tests. If you are
should run "ninja test" before submitting a patch that could
potentially change libsoup's behavior. If you are
making extensive changes, or changing very low-level functions,
you may want to install all of the optional pieces so you can
run all of the regression tests.)
* libsoup ought to build correctly from outside its source tree,
so if you make large changes to the Makefiles, try a "make
distcheck" to verify that an out-of-source-tree build still
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