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    WebSockets: fail and close the connection in case of invalid payload length · 23762ad4
    Carlos Garcia Campos authored
    RFC 6455:
    The length of the "Payload data", in bytes: if 0-125, that is the
    payload length.  If 126, the following 2 bytes interpreted as a
    16-bit unsigned integer are the payload length.  If 127, the
    following 8 bytes interpreted as a 64-bit unsigned integer (the
    most significant bit MUST be 0) are the payload length.  Multibyte
    length quantities are expressed in network byte order.  Note that
    in all cases, the minimal number of bytes MUST be used to encode
    the length, for example, the length of a 124-byte-long string
    can't be encoded as the sequence 126, 0, 124.
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