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    WebSockets: allow null characters in text messages data · 109bb2f6
    Carlos Garcia Campos authored
    RFC 6455 says that text messages should contains valid UTF-8, and null
    characters valid according to RFC 3629. However, we are using
    g_utf8_validate(), which considers null characters as errors, to
    validate WebSockets text messages. This patch adds an internal
    utf8_validate() function based on g_utf8_validate() but allowing null
    characters and just returning a gboolean since we are always ignoring
    the end parameter in case of errors.
    soup_websocket_connection_send_text() assumes the given text is null
    terminated, so we need a new public function to allow sending text
    messages containing null characters. This patch adds
    soup_websocket_connection_send_message() that receives a
    SoupWebsocketDataType and GBytes, which is consistent with
    SoupWebsocketConnection::message signal.
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