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      Split ShumateNetworkTileSource · 8c490eb2
      James Westman authored
      Split the network source into separate classes for fetching data,
      rendering raster tiles, and rendering vector tiles. This makes the code
      much more modular and organized, especially since vector tiles are about
      to get even more complicated.
      ShumateDataSource is a new abstract class that retrieves tile data. It
      has a built-in implementation, ShumateTileDownloader, which takes over
      the network part of ShumateNetworkTileSource.
      ShumateRasterRenderer is a ShumateMapSource that provides tiles by
      reading image files from a ShumateDataSource. Similarly, ShumateVectorRenderer
      is a ShumateMapSource that provides tiles by rendering vector tiles.
      This commit also modifies the network source to use the tile URL as a
      file cache key, rather than the map source ID. This is because, with
      vector tiles, two different map sources may use the same set of tiles.