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scale: Add comments for translators to understand what m/km/ft/mi mean here

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......@@ -193,15 +193,19 @@ shumate_scale_on_scale_changed (ShumateScale *self)
gtk_widget_set_size_request (self->imperial_label, imperial_scale_width, -1);
if (metric_is_small_unit)
// m is the unit for meters
metric_label = g_strdup_printf (_("%d m"), (int) metric_base);
// km is the unit for kilometers
metric_label = g_strdup_printf (_("%d km"), (int) metric_base);
gtk_label_set_label (GTK_LABEL (self->metric_label), metric_label);
if (imperial_is_small_unit)
// ft is the unit for feet
imperial_label = g_strdup_printf (_("%d ft"), (int) imperial_base);
// mi is the unit for miles
imperial_label = g_strdup_printf (_("%d mi"), (int) imperial_base);
gtk_label_set_label (GTK_LABEL (self->imperial_label), imperial_label);
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