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map: Remove unused struct fields

parent ac347db1
......@@ -112,17 +112,6 @@ typedef struct
ShumateViewport *viewport;
/* There are num_right_clones clones on the right, and one extra on the left */
int num_right_clones;
GList *map_clones;
/* There are num_right_clones + 2 user layer slots, overlayed on the map clones.
* Initially, the first slot contains the left clone, the second slot
* contains the real user layer, and the rest contain the right clones.
* Whenever the cursor enters a clone slot, its content
* is swapped with the real one so as to ensure reactiveness to events.
GList *user_layer_slots;
gboolean zoom_on_double_click;
gboolean animate_zoom;
......@@ -132,27 +121,16 @@ typedef struct
guint deceleration_tick_id;
int tiles_loading;
guint zoom_timeout;
guint go_to_duration;
gboolean animating_zoom;
guint anim_start_zoom_level;
double zoom_actor_viewport_x;
double zoom_actor_viewport_y;
guint zoom_actor_timeout;
double current_x;
double current_y;
double zoom_level_begin;
double rotate_begin;
double focus_lat;
double focus_lon;
double accumulated_scroll_dy;
double gesture_begin_lat;
double gesture_begin_lon;
double drag_begin_x;
......@@ -852,13 +830,7 @@ shumate_map_init (ShumateMap *self)
priv->animate_zoom = TRUE;
priv->state = SHUMATE_STATE_NONE;
priv->goto_context = NULL;
priv->tiles_loading = 0;
priv->animating_zoom = FALSE;
priv->zoom_actor_timeout = 0;
priv->go_to_duration = 0;
priv->num_right_clones = 0;
priv->map_clones = NULL;
priv->user_layer_slots = NULL;
gtk_widget_set_cursor_from_name (GTK_WIDGET (self), "grab");
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