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    Use proper prefix for SecretCollection flags · 15902b70
    Emmanuele Bassi authored
    Commit f36379af added the enumeration
    GType for SecretCollectionFlags and SecretCollectionCreateFlags in the
    introspection data, but by doing so it broke existing users of the
    introspected API.
    Additionally, the enumeration nicknames—which are used to generate the
    enumeration value from the type name and the namespace—were wrong
    before, and are wrong now. The idiomatic way to name enumeration members
    is to use the uppercase, snake case version of the type name, and append
    the value at the end:
      SecretCollectionFlags → SECRET_COLLECTION_FLAGS_NONE
      SecretCollectionCreateFlags → SECRET_COLLECTION_CREATE_FLAGS_NONE
    If this practice is not followed, enumerations should use the
    glib-mkenums trigraph and the `prefix` option; this tells glib-mkenums,
    and the introspection parser after that, where to cut off the prefix and
    which part of the enumeration value should be considered the nickname.
    Thus, with `prefix=SECRET_COLLECTION` we can turn:
    which is the idiomatic form of an enumeration value.