Wrap some more RsvgDrawingCtx functions in Rust

parent 3a8f0762
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ PangoContext *rsvg_cairo_create_pango_context (RsvgDrawingCtx *ctx);
void rsvg_cairo_render_pango_layout (RsvgDrawingCtx *ctx, PangoLayout *layout,
double x, double y);
void rsvg_cairo_render_path_builder (RsvgDrawingCtx *ctx,
RsvgPathBuilder *builder);
......@@ -5,9 +5,9 @@ use self::cairo::MatrixTrait;
/* Keep this in sync with ../../rsvg-private.h:RsvgBbox */
pub struct RsvgBbox {
rect: cairo::Rectangle,
affine: cairo::Matrix,
virgin: bool
pub rect: cairo::Rectangle,
pub affine: cairo::Matrix,
pub virgin: bool
extern crate glib;
extern crate cairo;
extern crate cairo_sys;
extern crate libc;
use self::glib::translate::*;
use state::RsvgState;
use path_builder::RsvgPathBuilder;
......@@ -16,12 +21,20 @@ extern "C" {
out_x: *mut f64,
out_y: *mut f64);
fn rsvg_drawing_ctx_push_view_box (draw_ctx: *const RsvgDrawingCtx,
width: f64,
height: f64);
fn rsvg_drawing_ctx_pop_view_box (draw_ctx: *const RsvgDrawingCtx);
fn rsvg_state_reinherit_top (draw_ctx: *const RsvgDrawingCtx,
state: *mut RsvgState,
dominate: libc::c_int);
fn rsvg_render_path_builder (draw_ctx: *const RsvgDrawingCtx,
builder: *const RsvgPathBuilder);
fn rsvg_cairo_get_cairo_context (draw_ctx: *const RsvgDrawingCtx) -> *mut cairo_sys::cairo_t;
pub fn get_dpi (draw_ctx: *const RsvgDrawingCtx) -> (f64, f64) {
......@@ -47,6 +60,17 @@ pub fn get_view_box_size (draw_ctx: *const RsvgDrawingCtx) -> (f64, f64) {
(w, h)
pub fn push_view_box (draw_ctx: *const RsvgDrawingCtx,
width: f64,
height: f64)
unsafe { rsvg_drawing_ctx_push_view_box (draw_ctx, width, height); }
pub fn pop_view_box (draw_ctx: *const RsvgDrawingCtx) {
unsafe { rsvg_drawing_ctx_pop_view_box (draw_ctx); }
pub fn state_reinherit_top (draw_ctx: *const RsvgDrawingCtx,
state: *mut RsvgState,
dominate: i32) {
......@@ -58,3 +82,14 @@ pub fn render_path_builder (draw_ctx: *const RsvgDrawingCtx,
unsafe { rsvg_render_path_builder (draw_ctx, builder); }
pub fn get_cairo_context (draw_ctx: *const RsvgDrawingCtx) -> cairo::Context
unsafe {
let raw_cr = rsvg_cairo_get_cairo_context (draw_ctx);
let cr = cairo::Context::from_glib_none (raw_cr);
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