shorten the way we map option values

Thanks to Sergey Bugaev for the tip.
parent bdc1d2c6
......@@ -200,7 +200,7 @@ impl NodeTrait for NodePattern {
p.units = property_bag::parse_or_none (pbag, "patternUnits")?;
p.content_units = property_bag::parse_or_none (pbag, "patternContentUnits")?;
p.vbox = property_bag::parse_or_none (pbag, "viewBox")?.map (|v| Some(v)).or (None);
p.vbox = property_bag::parse_or_none (pbag, "viewBox")?.map (Some).or (None);
p.preserve_aspect_ratio = property_bag::parse_or_none (pbag, "preserveAspectRatio")?;
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