Commit cc2566bb authored by Caleb Michael Moore's avatar Caleb Michael Moore

fixed reversion found by chris

parent 27b32593
2005-2-9 Caleb Moore <>
* rsvg-paint-server.c: fixed jimmac's gradient problem
* rsvg-filter.c: fixed Uraeus' reversion
2005-2-9 Caleb Moore <>
......@@ -4035,7 +4035,7 @@ rsvg_filter_primitive_image_render_in (RsvgFilterPrimitive * self,
return NULL;
parent = rsvg_defs_lookup (ctx->defs, oself->href->str+1);
parent = rsvg_defs_lookup (ctx->defs, oself->href->str);
if (!parent)
return NULL;
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