Commit cb6526cc authored by Paolo Borelli's avatar Paolo Borelli

node: clarify hacks for partially supported elements

I could not find conicalGradient and multiImage in the spec...
They are currently partially handled by aliasing them to
other elements (radialGradient and switch). These patch
just makes the hack more self-documenting, but does not
add real NodeType variants for these elements.
parent 89d9a213
......@@ -171,6 +171,18 @@ node_create_fn!(
node_create_fn!(create_use, Use, NodeUse::new);
// hack to partially support conical gradient
// hack to make multiImage sort-of work
node_create_fn!(create_multi_image, Switch, NodeSwitch::new);
node_create_fn!(create_sub_image, Group, NodeGroup::new);
node_create_fn!(create_sub_image_ref, Image, NodeImage::new);
type NodeCreateFn =
fn(name: &str, id: Option<&str>, class: Option<&str>, parent: Option<&RsvgNode>) -> RsvgNode;
......@@ -190,7 +202,7 @@ lazy_static! {
h.insert("circle", (true, create_circle as NodeCreateFn));
h.insert("clipPath", (true, create_clip_path as NodeCreateFn));
/* h.insert("color-profile", (false, as NodeCreateFn)); */
h.insert("conicalGradient", (true, create_radial_gradient as NodeCreateFn));
h.insert("conicalGradient", (true, create_conical_gradient as NodeCreateFn));
/* h.insert("cursor", (false, as NodeCreateFn)); */
h.insert("defs", (true, create_defs as NodeCreateFn));
/* h.insert("desc", (true, as NodeCreateFn)); */
......@@ -239,7 +251,7 @@ lazy_static! {
/* h.insert("metadata", (false, as NodeCreateFn)); */
/* h.insert("missing-glyph", (true, as NodeCreateFn)); */
/* h.insert("mpath", (false, as NodeCreateFn)); */
h.insert("multiImage", (false, create_switch as NodeCreateFn)); // hack to make multiImage sort-of work
h.insert("multiImage", (false, create_multi_image as NodeCreateFn));
h.insert("path", (true, create_path as NodeCreateFn));
h.insert("pattern", (true, create_pattern as NodeCreateFn));
h.insert("polygon", (true, create_polygon as NodeCreateFn));
......@@ -250,8 +262,8 @@ lazy_static! {
/* h.insert("set", (false, as NodeCreateFn)); */
h.insert("stop", (true, create_stop as NodeCreateFn));
h.insert("style", (false, create_style as NodeCreateFn));
h.insert("subImage", (false, create_group as NodeCreateFn));
h.insert("subImageRef", (false, create_image as NodeCreateFn));
h.insert("subImage", (false, create_sub_image as NodeCreateFn));
h.insert("subImageRef", (false, create_sub_image_ref as NodeCreateFn));
h.insert("svg", (true, create_svg as NodeCreateFn));
h.insert("switch", (true, create_switch as NodeCreateFn));
h.insert("symbol", (true, create_symbol as NodeCreateFn));
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