Some documentation for XmlState

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......@@ -132,6 +132,18 @@ struct Context {
// A *const RsvgXmlState is just the type that we export to C
pub enum RsvgXmlState {}
/// Holds the state used for XML processing
/// These methods are called when an XML event is parsed out of the XML stream: `start_element`,
/// `end_element`, `characters`.
/// When an element starts, we push a corresponding `Context` into the `context_stack`. Within
/// that context, all XML events will be forwarded to it, and processed in one of the `XmlHandler`
/// trait objects. Normally the context refers to a `NodeCreationContext` implementation which is
/// what creates normal graphical elements.
/// When we get to a `<style>` element, we push a `StyleContext`, which processes its contents
/// specially.
struct XmlState {
tree: Option<Box<Tree>>,
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