Commit a68c1f3a authored by Dom Lachowicz's avatar Dom Lachowicz

Fix a crash exposed by bug 335107

parent f8f265ce
2006-03-19 Dom Lachowicz <>
* rsvg-base.c: Fix a crash exposed by bug 335107
2006-03-16 Dom Lachowicz <>
* rsvg-convert.c: rsvg-convert 'crashes' because it calls g_error()
......@@ -569,7 +569,7 @@ rsvg_end_element (void *data, const xmlChar *name)
ctx->priv->handler = NULL;
if (!strcmp ((char *)name, ctx->priv->currentnode->type->str))
if (ctx->priv->currentnode && !strcmp ((char *)name, ctx->priv->currentnode->type->str))
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