Commit a6243bac authored by Chun-wei Fan's avatar Chun-wei Fan

Visual Studio builds: Fix Cargo output path

The previous move of the projects to win32/ missed updating this part.
Fix this.
parent 7861db7b
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ CARGO_CMD = $(CARGO) build
all: vs$(VSVER)\$(CFG)\$(PLAT)\obj\rsvg_internals\$(CFG)\rsvg_internals.lib
@set CARGO_TARGET_DIR=..\build\win32\vs$(VSVER)\$(CFG)\$(PLAT)\obj\rsvg_internals
@set CARGO_TARGET_DIR=..\win32\vs$(VSVER)\$(CFG)\$(PLAT)\obj\rsvg_internals
@set GTK_LIB_DIR=..\..\vs$(VSVER)\$(PLAT)\lib;$(LIB)
@cd ..\rust
$(CARGO_CMD) --verbose
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