Commit a3786dac authored by Caleb Michael Moore's avatar Caleb Michael Moore

pattern fix

parent 8c7f0d73
2005-2-12 Caleb Moore <>
2005-2-17 Caleb Moore <>
* rsvg-paint-server.c: modified to allow patterns to be rendered on a
pixbuf of the exact nessisary size. Not Cairo based I know, but it
needed to be done.
2005-2-16 Caleb Moore <>
* rsvg-image.c: moved much of it's functionality to rsvg-art-draw.c
and rsvg-art-composite.c
* rsvg-private.h: gave RsvgRender the ability to abstract the drawing
of images
* rsvg.c: created rsvg_render_image function
2005-2-15 Caleb Moore <>
* rsvg-private.h: created RsvgRender structure.
* rsvg.c: created functions to draw and composite that call apon the
render structure.
* rsvg-art-render.c: created new file to create render structure using
libart based routines, created a render structure for creating outlines
for use as clip paths.
* everywhere: distroyed rsvg_*_draw_as_svp functions
* rsvg-clip-path.c: modified to use the new RsvgArtSvpRender structure.
* rsvg-private.h: moved the drawing pixbuf out of RsvgDrawingCtx
2005-2-13 Caleb Moore <>
* rsvg-syles.c: chopped some into rsvg-art-composite.c
2005-2-12 Caleb Moore <>
* rsvg-shapes.c chopped up into rsvg-structure.c, rsvg-marker.c, rsvg-art-draw.c, rsvg-image.c, for maintainability
* rsvg-private.h et. al.: Renamed DrawingCtx to RsvgDrawingCtx
......@@ -599,18 +599,12 @@ rsvg_paint_server_pattern_render (RsvgPaintServer *self, ArtRender *ar,
maxy = ycoord;
if (minx < 0)
xoffset = -minx;
if (miny < 0)
yoffset = -miny;
if (maxx > gdk_pixbuf_get_width(pixbuf))
xoffset = -minx;
if (maxy > gdk_pixbuf_get_height(pixbuf))
yoffset = -maxy;
xoffset = -minx;
yoffset = -miny;
render = _rsvg_pixbuf_new_cleared(GDK_COLORSPACE_RGB, 1, 8,
maxx - minx, maxy - miny);
save = pixbuf;
((RsvgArtRender *)hctx->render)->pixbuf = render;
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