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<title>Overview of Librsvg's API</title>
Librsvg's API is divided into two main parts: one for loading SVG
data and one for rendering it. In the <emphasis>loading
stage</emphasis>, you create an RsvgHandle object from SVG data,
which can come from a file or from a stream of bytes. In the
<emphasis>rendering stage</emphasis>, you take an RsvgHandle and ask
it to render itself to a Cairo context.
RsvgHandle is an object that represents SVG data in memory.
Your program creates an RsvgHandle from an SVG file, or from a
memory buffer that contains SVG data, or in the most general
form, from a GIO stream that will provide SVG data. At this
stage you can get either I/O errors or parsing errors. If
loading completes successfully, the RsvgHandle will be ready for
Once you have a loaded RsvgHandle, you can render it to a Cairo
context any number of times, or to different Cairo contexts, as
......@@ -119,6 +119,8 @@
<xi:include href="overview.xml"/>
<xi:include href="xml/rsvg-handle.xml"/>
<xi:include href="xml/rsvg-gio.xml"/>
<xi:include href="xml/rsvg-cairo.xml"/>
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