Commit 8c8d2edf authored by Caleb Michael Moore's avatar Caleb Michael Moore

added changelog entry, changed readme, and put myself on the maintainers list

parent 285c5a3a
2004-11-17 Caleb Moore <>
* everywhere: split RsvgHandle into two parts.
* rsvg.c: made the image be rendered when get_pixbuf is actually called.
* rsvg-text.c: Large number of text improvements: formatting, alignment, whitespace handling and styling.
* everywhere: Number if inheritance fixes
* rsvg-pservers.c: made current-color determined by context
* rsvg-private.h, rsvg.c: handle percentage widths more accurately (based on viewbox)
2004-10-20 Caleb Moore <>
* rsvg-defs.c: fixed memleak opened yesterday
Alexander Larsson <>
Dom Lachowicz <>
Caleb Moore <>
Prior maintainers:
Raph Levien <>
Alexander Larsson <>
This is librsvg 2.1 - the GNOME 2.2 platform development version of
This is librsvg - A high performance SVG rendering library associated with the Gnome Project.
If you are looking for the stable version to use with the GNOME
1.4 platform, please obtain librsvg from GNOME CVS as follows:
cvs co -r librsvg-1-0 librsvg
If you have questions or comments about librsvg, please send
email to
If you have questions or comments about librsvg, please send email to Any bugs should be reported to
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