rsvg-cairo-draw: Comment on how we should be computing bounding boxes for viewports/clipping

parent fd6f94b9
......@@ -341,6 +341,19 @@ rsvg_cairo_render_path_builder (RsvgDrawingCtx * ctx, RsvgPathBuilder *builder)
_rendering_ time speedups, are these rather expensive operations
really needed here? */
/* FIXME: See for
* discussion on how to compute bounding boxes to be used for viewports and
* clipping. It looks like we should be using cairo_path_extents() for
* that, not cairo_fill_extents().
* We may need to maintain *two* sets of bounding boxes - one for
* viewports/clipping, and one for user applications like a
* rsvg_compute_ink_rect() function in the future.
* See for discussion of a
* public API to get the ink rectangle.
/* Bounding box for fill
* Unlike the case for stroke, for fills we always compute the bounding box.
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