Verified Commit 781b8290 authored by Jordan Petridis's avatar Jordan Petridis 🌱

debug dimension

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......@@ -42,6 +42,7 @@ pub struct RsvgHandle {
// Keep in sync with rsvg.h:RsvgDimensionData
pub struct RsvgDimensionData {
pub width: libc::c_int,
pub height: libc::c_int,
......@@ -890,6 +891,9 @@ pub unsafe extern "C" fn rsvg_handle_rust_render_cairo_sub(
fn get_pixbuf_sub(handle: &mut Handle, id: Option<&str>) -> Result<Pixbuf, RenderingError> {
let dimensions = handle.get_dimensions()?;
let surface = ImageSurface::create(cairo::Format::ARgb32, dimensions.width, dimensions.height)?;
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