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......@@ -8,16 +8,16 @@ Do you want to render non-animated SVGs to a Cairo surface with a
minimal, no-nonsense API? Librsvg may be adequate for you.
There is a code of conduct for contributors to librsvg; please see the
file ``.
For information on how to report bugs, or how to contribute to librsvg
in general, please see the file
in general, please see the file ``.
Goals of librsvg
Librsvg aims to be a low-footprint library for rendering SVG images.
It is used primarily in the GNOME project ( to render
It is used primarily in the [GNOME project]( to render
SVG icons and vector images that appear on the desktop. It is also
used in Wikimedia to render the SVG images that appear in Wikipedia,
so that even old web browsers can display them.
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